The studio space is classy, very professional, and a great sounding place for drums and live horns...I've already started doing another recording project and I didn't even consider going anywhere else to do it.

Vania Levans, Singer/Songwriter

Let us show you around

Our studio building was constructed from the ground up with one purpose in mind—great sound. The studio's world-class design was conceived by industry-leading acoustical guru Russ Berger (Sony Music, MasterMix, Paragon, Blade Studios) and features a modern client-friendly approach to recording and mixing music.

From the moment you walk in the door you can tell you're in a creative sanctuary. Rich colours and textures combine with the studio's open layout to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Plenty of warm natural light is available through windows in the tracking and control rooms, and blackout shades together with variable ambient lighting can be employed to create completely different environmental moods. Natural materials like oil-finished solid hardwood floors, black slate, wood-trimmed acoustical panels and leather seating all complement the high-tech recording equipment.

Our spacious 22' x 13' control room has precision-tuned acoustics and uses multiple monitoring choices for reliable results that translate properly outside of the studio. Glass all the way down to the floor connects the control room to the 15' x 10' live room, which is acoustically adjustable for variable ambiences, plus there's a fully-wired isolation booth with glass-panel doors for clear visual communication between the other rooms. All areas are connected to a Hear Technologies personal monitoring system which lets each musician dial up their own 8-channel custom headphone cue mix via individual mixers, giving them exactly what they need to hear to perform at their best.

Accurate AD/DA through SSL converters serve to interface Logic and Pro Tools with racks full of choice preamps, compressors and other outboard analog gear, both vintage and modern. Up to 255 discrete audio tracks are available at mixdown—plus unlimited virtual MIDI tracks—for incredibly musical flexibility.

We have one of the widest selections of microphones in town, many of them from cutting-edge boutique designers, and that variety allows us to select the right mic to best complement the sonic fingerprint of each source being recorded. That match is particularly important for vocals since every singer's voice is unique, and no single mic sounds great on everyone.

Much of our equipment has been hot-rodded with upgraded transformers, vintage tubes and custom electrical modifications that take their performance beyond the audio fidelity possible with ordinary stock models. When mixing, the mojo of analog outboard combined with the accuracy of digital processing bring the advantages of both worlds to the sound of the final product. Plus, use of all of the studio's equipment is always included in our rate with no additional rental fees.

We offer a large arsenal of in-house instruments and amps, along with access to a huge selection of new and vintage drums, amps, keyboards and other instruments through Vancouver's best rental sources. In addition, our sampled instrument libraries provide a varied palette of instrumental colours to use on your project—pianos from Yamaha, Bosendorfer, and Steinway; B3 organs; Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos; dozens of drum kits by Ludwig, Pearl, Slingerland, Ayotte, Tama, & Paiste; strings, brass and woodwinds; percussion; and rare and exotic world music instruments. Whatever you're imagining, we can make it happen.

Equipment & Instruments

Apple Mac Pro 12-core 3.33GHz, 20GB RAM, 9TB HD
Logic Audio and Pro Tools (current versions)
SSL Alphalink AX AD/DA converters (24 I/O channels)
RME HDSPe 64-channel MADI interface
Black Lion Audio MK2 Micro Clock
UAD-2 Quad PCIe card
Mackie Control Universal, Control Extender and Control C4 control surfaces

Focal CMS 65 monitors
Optimus ProX7 monitors
Altec-Lansing ACS54 monitors
SPL MTC 2381 monitor controller
Ardan EVP-M1 Elevation Pro speaker stands

Hear Technologies Hear Back personal monitoring system (1 hub and 4 mixers)

(2) AKG C451EB small diaphragm condenser (with Jim Williams upgrades)
(2) AKG CK-1 cardioid capsules
(1) AKG CK-2 omnidirectional capsule
(1) AKG D112 large diaphragm dynamic
(1) Audio Technica ATM63 cardioid dynamic
(1) Audix CX-101 large diaphragm condenser
(1) beyerdynamic M130 ribbon
(1) Bock 151 large diaphragm tube condenser (comparable to the Telefunken 251)
(3) CAD M179 multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser
(1) Cascade Fathead ribbon
(1) Electro-Voice N/DYM 757A hypercardioid dynamic
(1) Neumann KM-84i small diaphragm condenser
(1) Red R0 large diaphragm condenser capsule
(1) Red R7 large diaphragm condenser capsule
(2) Rode K2 variable pattern large diaphragm tube condenser
(1) Sanken CU-41 large diaphragm condenser
(1) Sennheiser MD421-U cardioid dynamic
(1) Shure SM7 large diaphragm dynamic
(1) Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic (original Unidyne III model with TAB/Funkenwerk transformer upgrade)
(1) Shure Unidyne IV 548 cardioid dynamic
(1) Soundelux U99 variable pattern large diaphragm tube condenser
(2) VTL/Langevin CR-3A large diaphragm condenser (Manley Reference Cardioid capsule)
(1) Wunder Audio CM7-GT variable pattern large diaphragm tube condenser w/M7 capsule (comparable to the Neumann U-47)

Kawai US50 concert upright piano
Roland A-90EX 88-key weighted action MIDI controller with expansion board
Ibanez JEM 77 electric 6-string
Jackson Soloist custom electric 6-string
Brownsville electric 12-string
Fender American Standard Precision 5-string electric bass
Ibanez CT-4 electric bass
Alvarez-Yairi GY-1 6-string acoustic guitar
Navigator Telecaster w/Barden & Kinman pickups
Yamaha G-255SII classical guitar
Ovation Ultra 1515 12-string acoustic
Kentucky 8-string mandolin
Bolivian 10-string charango
Mahalo ukelele

Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber+ 50w tube amplifier (6L6) w/Celestion V30 speaker
Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet (vintage EV & Celestion Gold alnico speakers)
Fender Champ (silverface) vintage tube amplifier w/Weber8A125 alnico speaker
Marshall 8004 power amp

Analogman Bi-Comp
Arion SCH-1 stereo chorus pedal
Boss GE-7 graphic EQ pedal (modded for higher fidelity)
El Musico Loco Siamese Scream
Mooer Clean Boost
Mooer Pitch Box pitch shifter
Morley Wah/Volume
MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal
MXR Phase 90 pedal (script model with mix and intensity mods)
Strymon El Capistan tape delay
Strymon Flint reverb & tremolo
TC Electronic Polytune 2
Walrus Voyager overdrive pedal
Wampler Euphoria overdrive pedal
Xotic BB Plus overdrive pedal

M-Audio Trigger Finger drum pad controller
Yamaha RX-15 drum machine
Assorted percussion instruments

Mic Preamps
(2) AMI TAB-Funkenwerk V-78 tube preamp (update of the vintage Telefunken V72)
(1) API 3124+ 4-channel preamp
(1) API 500-6B Lunchbox
(2) Great River MP-500NV preamp (classic Neve sound)
(2) Groove Tubes Brick tube preamp
(1) AEA TRP Ribbon Pre stereo preamp
(1) Broadhurst Gardens BG-1 stereo preamp
(8) Yamaha MLA8 preamp
(1) Rane FMI14 preamp
(2) ART PRO MPA stereo preamp (customized with NOS vintage tubes)
(1) M-Audio DMP3 stereo preamp

Teletronix LA-2A tube compressor/limiter
Purple Audio MC77 compressor/limiter (comparable to the Urei 1176N)
Urei 7110 compressor/limiter
Aphex 651 Expressor (w/Jim Williams mods)
ART PRO VLA tube compressor
Rocktron 300A compressor/Hush
Rane MQ302 graphic EQ
Rane PE-15 parametric EQ
Rane SP-15 parametric EQ
Alesis M-EQ230 graphic EQ

Sony DPS-V77 multi-effects
Sony DPS-D7 digital delay
Sony DPS-M7 modulation effects processor
Lexicon 1300 & 1300S digital delays (the Lexicon PCM 42 sans modulation)
Lexicon MPX-500 reverb
Korg SDD-3300 triple digital delay
Yamaha REX-50 multi-effects (non-rack version of the SPX-90)
EV-Dynacord DRP 15 multi-effects
BBE 422A Sonic Maximizer
Electro-Harmonix Golden Throat talk box

Effect Plug-Ins
Neve 1084 EQ
Neve 1073 EQ
Neve 1081 EQ
Neve 33609 compressor
Neve 88RS console
API 550 EQ
Amek 9098 EQ
Avalon 737 EQ
Focusrite ISA 110 EQ
Pultec EQP-1A EQ
Teletronix LA2A compressor/limiter
UREI 1176 compressor
UREI LA3 compressor
Fairchild 670 compressor/limiter
SPL Transient Designer
Cytomic The Glue
Little Labs IBP
Audio Ease Altiverb
Eventide 2016 Stereo Room

Lexicon 224, 480L reverbs
EMT 140, 244, & 250 plate reverb
Lexicon PSP42 digital delay
Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection
Slate Virtual Tape Machine

SoundToys Decapitator
SoundToys EchoBoy
SoundToys Filter Freak
SoundToys Panman
SoundToys Phase Mistress
SoundToys Tremolator
SoundToys Crystallizer
Roland Dimension D chorus
Waves GTR3 guitar amp and effects
Waves LoAir
URS 1975 Compressor/Limiter
URS 1980 Compressor/Limiter (SSL buss compression)
URS Saturation
Brainworx bx control
Celemony Melodyne

Virtual Instruments
Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Atmosphere synthesizer
BFD 2.0 drums
MOTU BPM drum machine
Arturia Analog Factory synths (minimoog, Moog Modular, Yamaha CS-80, ARP 2600, Sequential Circuits Prophet)
Arturia Analog Lab
AAS Lounge Lizard 3 electric piano
Native Instruments B4 II organ
Quantum Leap Pianos (Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290, Bechstein D-280, Yamaha C7)
EastWest Bosendorfer 290 piano
Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra
Kirk Hunter Concert Strings

Primacoustic and custom acoustic treatments
Sony, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and Yamaha headphones
Enhanced Audio M600 isolation microphone mounts
Redco R196-D25PG TT patchbays
Tascam 112 cassette recorder
Rane HC-6 headphone amp
Emagic Unitor8 MkII MIDI interface/synchronizer
Little Labs Red Eye direct box/re-amp box
Korg DTR-2000 chromatic tuner
Gotham, Monster, Cable Factory and ProCo cabling

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