The CD blew me away the first time Jeff brought it over for me to hear, and it still continues to blow me away each time I listen to it. You did a most awesome job in every way...I'm so happy with the results.

Susan Arens, Singer/Songwriter

Turn it up!

Listen to these mp3 audio excerpts from just some of the many projects from Saga Recording for a sample of the wide range of musical styles we do. Click on the speaker icon next to a song title to open up a new window and play that clip. (Browser pop-up blockers may interfere with these audio windows. If no window opens up, try temporarily disabling your browser's pop-up blocker. You can also contact us at and we will directly email any clips you would like to hear.)

Straw, Brick and Wood (Folk/Americana)
The River And The Road
Ocean Song (Roots)
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Singer-Songwriter)
Lindsay Garnett
Thanks (Country)
Doug Stokes
Alone (Acoustic Pop)
Cassandra Bangel
Keep On (R&B/Soul)
Vania Levans
Shaking Leaf (Roots)
The River And The Road
Some Heroes (Country Rock)
Mason Douglas
Only You (R&B/Christian)
Laurie Herman
Charcoal Drawings (Jazz)
Vania Levans

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