Michael is a whiz behind the board and an accomplished musician who understands the craft of songwriting. He has a gift for bringing out the best performances from the artists he records with, and as a vocalist, that's everything.

Chris Yip, Singer/Songwriter

What we can do for you

Offering big-budget quality at affordable rates, Saga Recording is the ideal studio for both major label and independent projects. Whether you're looking to demo your latest song or record a full-length album, we're able to assist with every detail of your project from pre-production and tracking all the way through to artwork and CD replication. Or if you simply want to add vocals or overdubs to your existing tracks, or need your songs mixed or mastered, we're ready to help at whatever stage your project is at.

Among the services we offer are:

• Production

• Tracking

• Mixing

• Mastering

• Overdubbing

• Vocal Tuning/Editing

• Voice-over Recording (phone patch available for out-of-town clients)

• Arranging

• Songwriting/Co-writing

• Composition

• Lyric Writing

• Instrumental Performance

• Programming

• Remixing

• Web encoding

• CD Graphic Design

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