A world-class recording studio & music production facility in Vancouver, BC

We're a full-service studio specializing in vocal recording, and the perfect creative space for singer/songwriters.

With our decades of experience, precision acoustics, inspiring vibe and unbeatable value, artists come back to us again and again.
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From simple overdubs to full-band tracking, we can capture it. Vocalists—bring in a track or let us create one for you.

Mixing &

Take advantage of our ears and tuned room to mix and master your tracks into a commercially ready release.


Coaching an inspired performance, capturing it with the best gear, combining the strongest parts, all in service to the song.


Benefit from our experience. We offer song feedback, career advice, engineering tutoring, production advice and more.
I absolutely loved the process of working with Michael on my lyrics, and he helped get the most powerful and emotive vocal takes from me.
Jocelyn Hallett, Mad For Joy
Both the recording sessions and the final product were above and beyond my expectations.
Megan Emmanuel, Artist
There is an expression in the musician world—"he’s got big ears”—and Michael is blessed with this gift.
Ivan Boudreau, Artist
All my songs are written in a foreign language to Michael, and yet he amazed me by how he could comprehend the emotions so well!
Christopher Wong, Artist
I trust Michael's ears—he knows his stuff. I’ve had nothing but good results from Saga.
John Pippus, Artist

Studio News

Recording Magazine

The March 2022 monitoring & acoustics issue of Recording magazine features Saga on the cover.

John Bowman Release

John Bowman completes his fourth album, Love Grace & Gratitude, recorded and mixed at Saga.

Over The Moon Games

Recording character voices for The Fall Part 2: Unbound, the follow-up to their hit game title.

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